Painting scale model canopy frames using decals.

Painting scale model canopy frames using decals. Video tutorial

Video tutorial on how I color the frames of canopies and other transparencies  on some of scale model builds. This technique is very useful on greenhouse type of canopies. For the tutorial I used the turret from 1/72 scale AW Whitley bomber.

Materials needed:

- transparent film decal paper
- paint ( GSI Creos in my case)
- decal setting and softening/stretching solutions
- cup of water (on my decals hot water didn't work well)

Instruments used:

- hobby scalpel
- several brushes
- tweezers
- tissue paper
- scribing template ( used for cutting the decals )

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  1. Use transp. decal and 1st paint inside color then overpaint with outside color.
    Cut to size and aply to the outside of the tranparancy.

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