1/72 Hexagonal airfield display base template

The template is A4 size
This template is in 1/72 scale. 
To scale it up, print it on:
 - 1/48 -  150% 
 - 1/32 -  225%
To scale it down, print it on:
- 1/144 - 50%

How to print the picture correctly using MS Word
1. Open new file with A4 size
2. Import the picture
3. Right click on the picture, choose Size and Position
4. On the Text wrapping tab choose in front of text
5. On the Size tab, find the Scale section and change the scale as you wish. Make sure the aspect ratio is locked
6. Click OK and close the dialog window.
7. Move the picture to your liking. 
Be aware that if you have filled the entire page the printer will crop the picture on each side.
8. Print (on 100% if you have that option)

Disclaimer: For the creation of this pattern I havent measured the real thing. It might not be super accurate.

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