MiG -15UTI /Hobby Boss 1:72 / WIP Pt.II

MiG -15UTI /Hobby Boss 1:72 / WIP Pt.II

  Hello friends, it has been long since my last update, I am sorry about this but... life calls.
The actual work on the model didn't stop but there was not enough to show.
  So to summarize  the model is now ready for paint (actually with its first coat of paint but this is for the next installment).

I did some masking on the canopy .. inside and out. I also added some detail on the rear section

For masking I use Tristar tape of various widths. It conforms nicely even with more complex surfaces.

I made an "exhaust pipe" out of soda can because the kit didn't offer one.

And now time for some color. It is maybe not the most appropriate color but I somehow always menage to mismatch colors (maybe because I mix them myself).

After that I painted all the small detail with a brush, toothpick and some pens and pencils. That was followed by a wash. Then the model was assembled.

I also added some missing details on the external fuel tanks.

Finally, after main components of the model were together and everything was filled and sanded I armed myself with a riveter, pin, insulation tape, pencil and other necessary stuff i dug deep in scribing, rescribing and riveting. When it was done I added an antennae and some tubes and degreased the model. I also re positioned the ailerons to brake the flat surface.  Here is how it came out.

Well that's all for now friends, as i said next will be the painting.
All comments are welcome.

With my best regards, until next time... Goodbye and happy modeling.

To the finished model

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